Kernel Key ‘002’

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Artist: Kernel Key
Title: 002
Label: Greta Recordings
Cat. #: GRT002
Release Date: May 2013

After “001”, Kernel Key gives us another masterpiece: “002“, his second release on Greta Recordings.

Let’s slip in the first track Byblis, with its cheerful style but aggressive at the same time. Here the funky groove controls the frantic rhythm of Synths and with its small breaks and extraordinary restarts, it turns this track into a real bomb.

The second track is basically represented by an acid Synth with dark shades, an incredible groove with exponential progression. We’re talking about Heliamphora.

The last track of the EP is Drosera, it is represented by a 1 minute- Intro of synths, stabs-chords, pads, that draw the track. A track that has harmony as its key.

Kernel Key wanted to complete the release with Drosera Intro Mix, a Ambient-Techno track, useful for starting a DJ-set of any musical genre.
An intrigant EP, this is surely not to be missed too!

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