Kevin Over ‘Retrovision pt. III’

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maxresdefaultArtist: Kevin Over
Title: Retrovision pt. III
Label: Noir Music
Release Date: 18-1-2016
Past Hype

Part III in Kevin Over’s unique Retrovision series on Noir Music is ready to be blasted out on club-systems around the globe. After releases on Truesoul and Mobilee, he returns to Noir for yet another incredible EP.

Most people already familiar with Kevin’s unique music are in love and big supporters and there is no doubt that the third edition is an outstanding addition to the collection.

The 2 openers “LY” and “Bollwerk” are a little more techno influenced than most of Kevin’s previous stuff. It’s still the oldschool, warm and groovy techno inspired by the 80s and 90s Detroit and Chicago underground so it won’t scare away the house-lovers.

“Virginia” and “Past Hype” are closer to Kevin’s previous releases on Noir Music and leans more towards the deeper side of tech-house with cheeky samples, cut-up grooves and melodies…… The way he has spoiled our ears and won our hearts in the past.

Overall another flawless EP from Kevin Over that will have people divided in what track is the actual A-side and best track among the 4 pearls.


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