Artist: Miguel Bastida & Florian Kaltstroem
Title: Arritmia
Remixer:  Raphael Dincsoy & Pierre Deutschmann, Maverickz, Gabriel D or & Bordoy
Label: Kiddaz
Format: Digital
Cat. #: KIDD076
Release Date: March 22nd, 2013
Distribution: DigDis
1. Arritmia
2. Arritmia (Raphael Dincsoy & Pierre Deutschmann remix)
3. Arritmia (Gabriel D or & Bordoy remix)
4. Arritmia (Maverickz remix)

We all waited for it, the next release on Kiddaz.Fm. Finally, it s out. Arritmia by Florian Kaltstroem & Miquel Bastida is a groovin techno track that comes with 3 additional remixes which styles cover a wide range.


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