Cassegrain & Tin Man “High And Low”

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Artists: Cassegrain, Tin Man
Title: High And Low
Cat. #: KILLEKILL015
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: November 25th 2013
A1 High And Low
B1 Sex Kit
B2 Sand Maze

Cassegrain & Tin Man are a deadly combination. One of the great masters in the field, Tin Man, puts forth his old school acid lines while Cassegrain, known for their dark and experimental techno, provide the modern techno twist. For the follow up to their debut release on Killekill they have put together three outstanding tracks.

High And Low is a swelling minimal acid epos that slowly evolves over 10 minutes. Tin Man demonstrates his mastership of the acid loop, with only 8 beats this short loop never tires as it constantly evolves. The B-side opens with Sex Kit, a dark acid stomper with chirping percussions perfect for a packed dance-floor. Sand Maze follows on, a subtle and minimalistic ambient acid piece, that winds and dissolves throughout the track. Killekill are confident that this is the way acid should sound in 2013.


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