King Felix ‘Spring’

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Artist: King Felix6619_spring
Title: Spring
Label: Liberation Technologies
Cat. #: LTECH001
Distribution: S.T. Holdings
Release Date: 19 March 2012
Format: vinyl/ digital

Mute welcomes a brand new era with the birth of their latest electronic associate label, Liberation Technologies. Citing reference from Mute’s original and continuing statement of intent, the label exists to give space to and encourage artists to experiment and challenge themselves, anonymously if they choose.

The first release on Liberation Technologies is the ‘Spring EP’ by King Felix, a producer from Ann Arbor, Michigan who has also released music as Laurel Halo. The Spring EP draws from a melee of influences, sharply carving out its own sonic palette. Driving and dramatic, it’s an uplifting theme-and-variation exercise on oscillation and forward motion.


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