Klartraum ‘Indian Spirit’

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LF037_coverArtist: Klartraum
Title: Indian Spirit
Label: Lucidflow
Cat. #: LF037
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 11th 2012

1. Aaron
2. Spiral Dynamics
3. Indian Spirit
4. The Void

Are you enjoying your Indian Summer? We’re not. It’s raining. To accompany this season of pressing your nose up against rain streaked glass, looking out at the weather as it approaches near Ark conditions, Lucidflow have a little aural duvet to wrap yourself up in.
Klartraum have some Indian Spirit to compensate for this lack of Indian Summer.
For those who are not well versed in the Lucidflow head honchos work, this EP—containing four tasty morsels—is a perfect introduction to the Berlin based duo’s deep and textured works.
Looming ominously on the horizon, like an oncoming monsoon, Indian Spirit’s harmonic wind chimes blow over billowing low end textures, with wisps of electronic piano drifting across the moody grey atmosphere.
Rolling in just shy of a mammoth twelve minutes, The Void takes its time in unfurling its secrets onto you; melancholic pads providing a fabric for meandering keyboard solos to weave through, gradually letting the bassline rise in emphasis from melancholia into optimism.
Keeping in this soundtracky vein, Aaron’s string plucked motifs are accompanied by the meditative tones of Stephen H. Wolinsky, guiding and teaching as you shimmy and weave in your own little bubbles.
Every family has a black sheep and Spiral Dynamics is the fervent baa-monster in this little flock. More Japan than India, Ryuchi Sakamoto-esque detuned Shamisen twangs play around a bubbling percussive backdrop.
This particular black sheep deserves an extra special cuddle from you, so pay it the attention it deserves.
Those autumnal blues won’t be going anywhere soon, but LF037 certainly provides the soundtrack to curl up into some introspective and reflective moments in life.
Get the heating on and enjoy.


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