Kleber ‘An Apple Nutella’

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applenutellaArtist: Kleber
Title: An Apple Nutella
Label: MKT Records
Cat. #: MKT030
Release Date: March 2014
1) Apple
2) Nutella

MKT is always addicted to the sound research and to introduce new music shapes from new prodigious talents. Markantonio is active to evolve this format as usual, looking for new music adventures day by day MKT number thirty is signed by a new entry, Kleber, a Brazilian artist born and raised musically in Sao Paulo been already a producer since different years. He was released on different labels like Pornographic Records and Knee Deep and in 2010 he founded his own Label Killer Beat Records, he now landed on MKT Rec. with the fresh “An Apple Nutella” EP including his two owns original tracks.

First one “An Apple”, it’s a nice funky mood made of Balearic rhythm elements and deep sounds. It’s an up and down of drum tricks, just kick, hi hats, rims and shakers supported by a warm bassline to strike everything in a special Tech House track.

“Nutella” is the second and last track of the ep and is a bit harder than the first one; you can catch the right vibe putting up your hands and shaking your head just hearing the heavy kick and the squeeze bassline. An ancestral siren define the beginning of the fun, when everything is going to change and to become stronger than before, no jokes just Techno music.

From south America to Naples, that’s the power of MKT records, catching the best talents around the globe, music is not only a business, it’s a mission.


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