Yaya “Yayahuasca”

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Artist: Yaya
Title: Yayahuasca
Label: Kina Music
Remixers: Halo & Hector feat. Local Play, Re-UP, David Gtronic
Cat. #: KNM033
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 22nd 2013
1. Yayahuasca
2. Yayahuasca (Halo & Hector feat. Local Play Remix)
3. Yayahuasca (Re-UP Remix)
4. Yayahuasca (David Gtronic Remix)
5. Blue Light

We are so glad to host such an amazing crew of artist on the upcoming Kina Music release.
Yayahuasca original comes by always smiling Yaya. What to say about this track.. Just dance.. that’s it!!
Second track ‘s called Blue Light. A warm and dark tunnel straight to your soul.
Remix team is composed by Halo & Hector, David Gtronic and label honcho Re-UP.
All of them took Yayahuasca and delivered 3 different visions to make this EP unmissable.


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