Kollektiv Turmstrasse Interview

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kollektivetrumstrasseWhat advice would you give to a young producer that would like to emerge in this current electronic music scene? Are there any young talents that you are supporting that you would like to talk about?

I would suggest to take one step after the other, to take the time it needs to develop a track or your own personal handwriting. Not to rush into using all available possibilities that are being offered today to tell the world: “hey look at me, I’m playing music!”. I would also suggest to be more thoughtful, selective and of course passionate about the whole thing. It’s not a good idea to get with the first record label XYZ that shows some interest. You’d rather look for a platform that you feel comfortable about and that is a god partner to grow with. There is this simple saying we have and it is ‘less is more’.

Briefly describe your standard performance setup for dj sets and live sets. Why does it work better for you? How did the new digital technologies influence your dj set/live performance work?

We keep it simple, simply because of the large amounts of gigs we do; we call it ‘digital performance’ and it’s not that different to what we do in the studio. We also have the rule that it must be of the same sound quality as the studio, which means we have some restrictions. Our performances will be like a ‘jam’ session: we have some finished stuff and some stuff that we can add or not. It’s a mix of live and arranged mixing.

Ableton simply provides the perfect platform to work with. We are real tech-geeks and we love to play music. We absolutely want people to experience that in sight and sound when we play live. Lately we have been using two identical live-setups, such as a macbook, an audio-interface, ableton and an ipad with Lemur as a controller. We keep our DJ setup even simpler and only play CDs.

Which of your releases has given you the most satisfaction and why?

Looking back it’s tracks like “Grillen Im Park”, “Tristesse” or “Let Freedom Ring” that we owe the most positive club feedback to. Recently speaking it is our album “Rebellion Der Träumer” that we are most proud of. Proud because this was an important step for us and just up to the very end we weren’t sure about how our fans would react to the slightly different sound of the „Turmstrasse” collective. There is so much energy, work, passion and help of many of our friends in this album. „Rebellion Der Träumer” kept us busy for a good two years. Looking back we now see what became of it and that our first doubts were quite unjustified and we also gained some extra audience. Yes, you can say that’s a great feeling.

Summer is striking with its sunny vibes, please tell us something about your Diynamic’s residency at Sankeys Ibiza 2012

Ibiza! Das Wetter ,die Atmosphähre, da muss man nicht mehr viel zu sagen…. Für uns ist es die 2 Session auf der Insel aber das erste mal im Sankeys! wir sind auf jedenfalls gespannt und freuen uns auf die gemeinsamen Nächte mit unseren Freunden von DIynamic.

Ibiza! The weather, the atmosphere, nothing more to say… It will be our 2nd session on the island but the first time that we will play at Sankeys. We are really excited and looking forward to playing the nights with our Diynamic friends.

Tell us about your studio, which sequencers do you use? With what hardware/software do you mainly work? What machine would you consider the best part of your kit?

Ableton is really important for us on stage and also in the studio. We’ve used Ableton for many years as a sequencer and yes we love it. Ableton is really enormous and we could tell you all the insider secrets and facts but in the end, this is the good thing, because it’s no secret. Also we use some synths and EFX units which, you have to change at regular intervals. So as we mentioned before, we love technology and we love to test and check out new things.

What are your future plans? Do you have any new releases that you would like to tell us about?

Holidays on Ibiiza!! To spend more time in the studio, time for new music, time for the rest, time for our private lives. Musically we will do one or two remixes. We are going to celebrate catalogue number 20 on our own label Musik Gewinnt Freunde and we will celebrate this with a double LP with will include tracks from us and also some remixes from our MFG artists. Don’t miss that hot stuff.

Pick one record that has changed your life and opened to your view the world of electronic music and let us know why.

To stay with the club theme, Trommel Maschine from 3Raum is one of those records, which has riveted us so much. Really hard to describe but we spent so much time with this track. Then there is also the track ‘Right On’ of Silicone Sound, a summer track which has accompanied us over the last years. Great memories and a track you won’t hear so often nowadays. And also Cherry Moon Trax with ‘The House of House’ should be mentioned here as well.

How do you think the techno music market is evolving over the years? Did the new digital market take down the general musical level to your opinion?

Again an issue you don’t want to argue about all the time. On the one hand it’s really bad that in our genre the vinyl sales are not working so well. Even if you are a label owner and part of a generation who grow up with vinyl, it’s really sad to see how things are changing. 140gr black vinyl is sexy and sounds really good. But also as we mentioned before and this is our point of view the current way of changing and the technology is not negative. This is the way things are changing and you can’t avoid these modifications

What can we expect from the Kollektiv Turmstrasse sound in the future?

We are producing a lot of music at the moment. One could say: after the album is before the album, which doesn’t mean that we are working on a new album but there will be some remixes this year as well as a new release on our label Musik Gewinnt Freunde.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse play Diynamic Neon Nights @ Sankeys Ibiza on the following dates:
Tuesday 17 July
Tuesday 31 July
Tuesday 14 August
Tuesday 11 September (Closing Party)



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