Kommune Zwei ‘At Variance’

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MBF LTD 12066Artist: Kommune Zwei
Title: At Variance
Label: MBF LTD
Format: Digital
Cat. #: MBF LTD 12066
Release Date: 15. June 2015
1. At Variance
2. Dusty Cabin
3. For You
4. Tinted Windows

For all of you who have followed our releases from Emil Berliner and Philipp Lichtblau on MBF LTD Kommune 2 will reveal another chapter in the history of modern house music from Vienna.
Kommune 2 have written in their debut for us four tracks that range from dreamlike music (“At Variance”) to tales from their heart (“Dusty Cabin”, “For You”) and finally to energetic deep house (“Tinted Windows”). It is music which lends its hand to you and guides you through enchanted seeming gardens and show the beautiful next to the haunting and bizarre.
Kommune 2 may be the successor of spartan acoustic drum rhythms made in Vienna that blend melancholy with curbed enthusiasm, so you might want to take part in that and lend them your ear!


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