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Dutchman De Sluwe Vos is to release his highly anticipated debut album, Kontra, on his own brand new label Patron Records. The stunning album will come in three parts and the first has already gotten world wide premiers and plenty of hype behind it ahead of it’s release on March 9th. It means that excitement is already building for parts two and three: these come on April 6th and May 6th and will truly confirm this man’s great talent.

23 year old, Deventer born but now Amsterdam based De Sluwe Vos is a no nonsense house and techno producer who has made an indelible imprint on the modern dance landscape in recent times. He has released on labels like Albion Records and Slapfunk, Extended Play and 4Lux and those great EPs have taken him around the world from sweaty basements to intense main room clubs including Plan B in London, Outbreak Festival, Awakenings and many more massive festivals.

After turning so many heads in just a couple of years, it makes perfect sense that now we get to hear a debut album from the man and it features some huge collaborations in the form of Jordan Peak, Sticks (frontman of the massive Dutch rap duo Opgezwolle), rapper Dusty, The Million Plan (better known as Willem from The Opposites), as well as Gosto, Miss Bunty and Barbara Ford plus his brother and guitarist Huub.

Part One opens with some truly atmospheric sounds, lurching slo-mo drums and swampy textures before a slow, menacing but emotive track ‘Under Your Skin’ with seductive vocals from Barbara Ford really gets your attention. A fantastic video also accompanies this cut and further adds to its moodiness. The came the blissed out and elastic deep house of ’Misfits’ featuring Huub and then the sure to be massive ‘Mercy’ featuring Sticks, which is a dark, punchy drum lead track with a serious bit of Dutch rapping that adds real attitude to the skanking beats.

Part One showed a real sonic evolution for De Sluwe Vos and Parts Two and Three continue to show how this man can lay down a range of moods and tempos, beats and grooves that all make as much sense at home or in headphones as they do in the club. This great opus will be followed up in the coming weeks by an expert remix album full of great names and ahead of that a big release party with a full live band and all guests is to take place Friday March 6th in Amsterdam during ‘5 Days Off’, with a release show also taking place in Belgium on March 27th at Hasselt.

(Official Video) – De Sluwe Vos & Barbara Ford – Under Your Skin



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