Kontrabanda.dj ‘I Love You’

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Artist: Kontrabanda.djRARE002_Artwork
Title: I Love You
Label: RA:DAR
Cat. #: RARE002
Format: 12″ Vinyl & Digital (* Digital Exclusive Track)
Release Date: 12″ Vinyl 9/4/12 Beatport 18/4/12 Full Digital: 02/05/12
1. I Love You
2. Mir Na Zemle
3. Colours Of 99 Channels *

Denis A, Moscow’s rising star DJ/Producer and DAR/DAR DIGITAL label boss, has launched the exciting new RA:DAR label in 2012.

The RA:DAR label is a new independent music project, formed as a division of Denis A’s DAR/DAR DIGITAL label group and founded by Denis and seminal Russian music producer Boris The Spyder, for the advancement of Russian electronic music artists.

RA:DAR is the sound of modern Russia, looking to the future. It brings together a creative team of young and purposeful people who are passionate about electronic music and lovers of the best quality sounds. They also plan to create unique RA:DAR events to spread their sounds worldwide.

Having launched the label with the excellent deep, hypnotic “Do You Remember” and the culture clash, percussive Latino groove of “Flight To Moscow” by Boris The Spyder on a solo mission (RARE001), it’s time to let the collaborative Kontrabanda.dj shine.

Kontraband.dj is a collaborative project featuring Boris Zlenko (aka Boris The Spyder), Mikhail Tysik, Evgeniy Rybakov and Garik Gagarin. This team of musically diverse Muscovites are known for their explorative adventures through many genres: trip hop, acid jazz, ambient, dub, deep house, through to techno trance.

“I Love You” is a highly infectious, funky, percussion-fuelled, hip swinging groove that will surely bring a smile to your face. This is pure party music, bursting with floor-filling energy!

“Mir Na Zemle” is a journey through the deepest depths of house music, buoyed by a throbbing bass and guided by a hypnotic female vocal.

“Colours Of 99 Channels” is a mystery you’ll have to purchase to discover.

Kontraband.dj confirm that the underground electronic scene is one to watch in 2012 and RA:DAR is bringing the sound of modern Russia to the world.

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