LZDLP002_resizedArtist: Kruse & Nuernberg
Title: Lets Call It A Day
Label: Lazy Days
Cat. #: LZDLP002
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 1st 2012

1. Let’s Call It A Day
2. For My Life (feat. Stee Downes)
3. Elsewhere (feat. Nathalie Claude)
4. Music Does The Talking (feat. Vincenzo)
5. People like us
6. Last Chance (feat. Stee Downes)
7. Interacid (Interlude)
8. Love Can’t Break You Down (feat. Stee Downes)
9. Float (feat. Nathalie Claude)
10. Leaves Falling (Final Mix) (feat. Nathalie Claude)
11. White Smoke (feat. Miwaki)

German’s Kruse & Nuernberg have been making deep house music since the mid naughties. Their heartfelt, polished sound has popped up on esteemed labels like Liebe*Detail, Noir Music, NRK Sound Division, Rejected, Systematic and now comes their debut full length, Lets Call It A Day, on Lazy Days Recordings.

Though they are also keen remixers – of acts like Groove Armada, with the results topping many charts – its in original production where they excel, as evidenced by this vocal laced, devilishly well produced 11 track debut. Far from being a selection of club bangers, the album explores many different moods and vibes, some for home listening, some for clubs, but all with an inimitable style of their own.

The title track opens the album in blissful style, with subtle guitar work laced into beachy synths and deep house rhythms. ‘For My Life’ weaves almost country guitars into a poppy arrangement with the clean vocals of Stee Downes whilst ‘Elsewhere’ calls upon the vocal talents of Nathalie Claude. The result is a deeply emotional record with ethereal synths and percussion, underlapping beats and plenty of neo soul. Elsewhere there are more epic tracks like ‘People Like Us’, short experimental interludes and sure to be massive Latin tinged house rollers like ‘Float’.

Lets Call It A Day‘ is a truly artistic full length that stands up to – and rewards – close listening that will surely propel the Hamburg duo behind it on to more great things in the future.


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