Kruse & Nuernberg Interview

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– Hi guys, i’m glad to ask you few questions for
We’re in autumn and one of your most important musical work has been released, how do you feel about this fact?
We are so proud. It was a long way and it’s just good to see the album is out.

– What do you expect from this 2012-2013 season? Maya theory apart, do you sniffed some important changes in this music scenario?
There are many album releases this autumn. Maybe it’s because our album is out and we are just sensitised but it could be a little change in the electronic music scene, too. Doing an album seemed to be old fashioned over the past few years to be honest. We hope that this is changing and artists start doing albums again. It’s more personal and special than just doing Eps all the time.

– Little offtopic question… in the last months there has been a lot of rumors about the Gema reform on rates for 2013. Have you got any impressions about that?
We are not so much involved into this topic but of course we know the facts. It seems like the Gema bosses have no clue how the club scence works in Germany and this is very sad. We are sure that many clubs have to close doors when it comes to the reform on rates in 2013. We still hope they rethink it – That would be best for all of us!

– In a recently interview you already said why you wanted to do an album. Do you think that in this digital era, where the market is flooded with nonsense releases the album lost importance, and lost the appeal that people associate to it in the past?
Exactly, the music market changed a lot. People can pick out the tracks they like the most and don’t have to buy the whole album anymore. That’s the reason why artists release more Eps and don’t do albums. Our album is working best when you listen to it from beginning until end – when you just buy a few tracks out of it you’ll loose the big picture. Especially albums are telling much from the artist. It’s a personal thing that takes time and includes many emotions. We should all buy more albums.

– During the preparation of the whole work for the album release, what were the best facts and the worst happened?
It was a great exerience to work with all these musicians on the album. Stee Downes, Nathalie Claude, Miwaki, Vincenzo, Andreas Kaluza and Andreas Paulsen play a big role on the album and inspired us with their ideas and creativity. That was the best fact and the worst fact happened was the heavy rain storm that flooded our brand new studio in June 2011. The water was 50 cm high, we were standing knee deep in sh*** and finally had to move out and find a new place.

– What are your future plans? Do you have any new releases or future gigs that you would like to tell us about?
We have scheduled a few very nice gigs. We play at ADE for the Rejected night at Studio 80 with Joris Voorn, Derrick May, Deetron, Huxley, Maher Daniel and Edwin Oosterwal. We have our second Save Room Recordings label night in Zurich on October 12th with Huxley again and a few other gigs you can look up on our webiste ( Music wise we’ve done some new tracks and work on different Eps and remixes. We did a remix for ‘Back And Forth Recordings’ and a new track as ‘Wiretappeur’ for John Digweed’s Bedrock label.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts !
Thank you!

Interview by Matteo Pitton


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