Rey & Kjavik “Rkadash”

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After many years of true dedication into electronic music, Rey & Kjavik present their album “Rkadash”. To be out on Katermukke, the ten tracks will be available on CD, 2 x LP and of course on digital format.
The whole sound is influenced by the countries they travelled, it’s evident the biggest impact derives from the Arabic culture and India. Fortunalely the rhythm structures have been adapted because the ethnic influences, also some downtempo tracks are available, and cheer the listening.

Katermukke – July 7th 2017
01. Intro feat. Istvan Sky
02. Ulima
03. Saraswati
04. Baba City (Rkadash Version)
05. Vimalaa
06. Rkadash
07. Escape
08. Playa Sunset
09. Akya
10. Hare Sharanam feat. Amu Ahava

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