Kuba Sojka ‘Pure Tone’

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RECOUT006_KubaSojka_Pure_Tone_CoverArtWorkArtists: Kuba Sojka
Title: Pure Tone
Remixer: D-Nox
Label: Rec.Out
Format: Digital
Cat. #: Rec.Out006
Release Date: February 14th, 2014
Distribution: Music Extremer
01. Random Dissonance
02. Consonance
03. Minor Second Sequence
04. Random Dissonance (D-Knox rmx)

So here we again – with this new better year, we have some new faces coming on a Rec.Out deck- Kuba Sojka goes big, the exquisite way, the way not for everybody, ina good meaning though. For those who traveled along all across the universe of techno music, for those who knows the meaning of not only classic but also mature sound of electronics. Sophisticated recipient open for frugal but at the same time full of greater meaning detail – even exacting listener looking for another sense than the sound itself only will be sure startled with its seemingly simple and raw forms.

This is a musical journey starts right from the adventure.

The artist captures the essence of the genre and creates a coherent and harmonious whole thing. In subsequent works carrying the listener through controlled and straightforward wording, refined with deep emotions, which will certainly be felt strong by every enthusiast of not only modern dancefloors. Don t miss here a Daniels‘ Knox aka D-Knox remix as vell, some great piece of 20 years Michigan history can be found in here likewise.



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