Kwartz ‘Form And Void EP’

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PoleGroup026Artists: Kwartz
Title: Form And Void EP
Label: PoleGroup
Remixers: Reeko, Exium
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Cat. #: PoleGroup026
Release Date: September 15th, 2014
Distribution: Triplevision
A1. Form and Void
A2. Form and Void (Reeko Remix)
B1. Breakage
B2. Breakage (Exium Remix)

After his debut on PoleGroup last year with a track ‘Hate’ selected for the compilation release Unknown
Landscapes – EP 1, Kwartz makes a proper return to the label with Form and Void EP. Hailing from Madrid, DJ and producer Kwartz started his career in 2011 and within fairly a short time he has developed and refined his own hypnotic, dark and enveloping techno. Amongst notable releases to date is his first vinyl EP Fenomen (2013), a joint release with Pole Group artist Exium on their Nheoma imprint.
Form and Void EP features two strong originals and two equally powerful remix supports from the label mates
and core members of Pole Group, Reeko and Exium. The title track ‘Form and Void’ kicks off with straight forward 4/4 rhythmic groove that gradually builds up layer by layer in to the darker shade to meet the mysterious break, followed by heavy brooding bass tones slashing through the kick drums, deepening the atmosphere with the hollowing echoes. Reeko’s remix elevates the dark mood of original while pumping in even more energy with rolling kick/hat combo and psychedelic swirling chaos of synth that intensifies throughout the entire length of the track.
‘Breakage’ on the flip side possess much more hardened groove, pounding out the drums packed with blinding force. Exium’s remix takes the tension-filled doomsday feel of original to another level and gives a new dimension to the heavy merciless percussion by adding haunting howling echoes that growls like that of ghosts combined with more muted drums and subtle layers of stabs of kicks and effects.
Kwartz holds nothing back with Form and Void EP, delving in to the darkest and deepest realm of subterranean pulses that fit perfectly for the dance floor with dimmed light and big sound system.


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