Kyle Geiger – 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi Kyle, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. On a “questions and answers” launched on your official Facebook page you talked about gaps in techno and house. In your opinion did you spend a lot of time to understand the gaps or lacks in your music culture and production techniques?
Not necessarily, it was more a feeling that I was always left with after my DJ sets.  I was always thinking, “I want to go to these more melodic places in my set at times to give a little breathing room from the typical techno percussion based stuff, but there is such a shortage of music that really stands the gap between the rougher techno sound and the more melodic stuff.”  For a good while, I was using Traktor for DJing, and that really opened up a lot of doors during my sets where I could start experimenting with different combinations.  What if I took an 8 minute beat tool of a guy like Speedy J, and let the melodic properties of say, a Deetron track, run in and out of the harder more abrasive percussion and drums. What feeling would that capture?  The result kept proving to be a positive one, but I realized, there were few tracks that captured that feeling on their own…so I started making them!

2. How much difficult is to be more and more critic with yourself?
For me, that’s the only person I need to be critical of.  I see a lot of people slinging mud at other genres, or DJs, and I just think…Man, it must be nice to be so perfect that the only criticism you can offer up is for everyone around you.  Hahahaha.  Seriously though, it’s sometimes not too fun to be honest with yourself, be it music, or life. When you put your heart and soul into a project, or even a way of living and take a few steps back and realize, “Hmmmmm…This direction isn’t as good as I thought it would be.”  That’s pretty sobering.  But ultimately, I always end up thanking myself years down the road when I didn’t let the world hear my weaker projects just because I couldn’t allow the voice of reason to trump my emotional attachment to a track.

3. Your release “Heavy Handed EP” made in collaboration with Hans Bouffmyhre will be published in October on Unrilis Records. How much energy and effort you put on these tracks to get this singular result?
I’m not quite sure how to answer this question, but I think you’re asking how much energy to we put into giving the tracks we release together a feeling of continuity?  To be honest, not a lot.  We just make music.  But the continuity comes by the way we work.  We come together about once every 6 months or a year and say “Hey, shoot me two sessions you’re stuck on, and I’ll send you two of mine.”  We’re doing those swaps all at the same time, and going to work on the tracks in rapid succession, so the continuity is brought on by the fact that we were likely in the same frame of mind when we started the first track and finished the last.  We just work really fast together.  We swap the tracks, and usually both the initial ideas are solid, but we just might have come to a standstill with our individual efforts, so we let one another work the magic.  So far, the result has been much better than the sum of it’s parts, so let’s hope it continues!

4. It seems like that after being released on top labels for you it’s not enough and your music it’s still fresh and energetic. What are the main sources of inspiration that keep your interest alive?
For me, it’s getting out into daily life.  I love to meet with people and maybe get to hear about their lives.  Everyone has something really interesting to bring to the table.  I don’t really like to just talk about techno.  I mean, of course, it always comes up, because I’m a fan of the music, and have been for much longer than I’ve been a DJ or producer of it.  But, there’s certainly more to life than kick drums and compression techniques.

5. Is anything new in the next months you want to tell us about?
Lots of travel through Europe for gigs and pleasure, plus a 2 weekend tour in the US which is exciting.  Oh, and Christmas and Glühwein!

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
My pleasure.  Thanks for inviting me to do this!

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