La Forêt “Wonderlust”

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AYK003 (resized)Artist: La Forêt
Title: Wonderlust
Label: Ayeko Records
Cat. # AYK003
Format: Digital
Release Dates:
Beatport Exclusive March 26th 2014
iTunes & All Stores April 14th 2014
1. Wonderlust
2. Sub Color
3. Slive

La Forêt unleashes his stunning debut EP this spring in the shape of “Wonderlust”. The three tracks are an ode dedicated to nature’s darkness. The title track “Wonderlust” is a powerful Deep & Tenebrous groover with sub dominating bass and spheric pads.

“Slide” the second track is a beautiful piece of music that manages to present its intricate melody without ever letting its energy fall. It takes us on a surprising journey as the lead synth shoots out the gate of mind control. The last track “Subcolor” grabs the listener with its immediate sense of urgency and a beckoning, moving melody. As its slowly twists and turns progressively towards its peak, it propels the listener to an extatic mood.

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