Laid Back ‘Uptimistic Music’

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Artist: Laid Back
Title: Uptimistic Music
Label: Brother Music (NL)
Format: Album CD
Cat. #: BMCD006
Release Date: 18 November 2013
1. Laid Back – Clear Your Mind
2. Laid Back – Make Your Day
3. Laid Back – Oochi Gucci
4. Laid Back – Dont Step On The Grass
5. Laid Back – Rocketship To Mars
6. Laid Back – Uptimistic Music
7. Laid Back – Around The Park
8. Laid Back – Let The Music Do The Talking
9. Laid Back – Supercool Funky Lady
10. Laid Back – Time To Live
11. Laid Back – Don´t Shoot The Sun Down
12. Laid Back – Pitter Patter
13. Laid Back – Feel The Way You Do
14. Laid Back – Interconti
15. Laid Back – Brother
16. Laid Back – We Don´t Need No Bad Vibrations
17. Laid Back – Fuck
18. Laid Back – Going Where Living Is Easy
19. Laid Back – Cool Down Lover (Simple Life)
20. Laid Back – Up To You

Earlier this year, Laid Back celebrated a highly respected comeback with their first studio album since 2004 named ?Uptimistic Music Vol 1?. The upcoming release ?Uptimisitc Music? features two parts. The first record is made up of Vol. 1, the second part contains unreleased material. ?Brother?, the first single out of this double album originates from the mid eighties and, as all the other songs of the duo, expresses Laid Backs positive and timeless message. ?Uptimisitic Music? will be released in mid November.


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