Leandro Gamez Interview

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Tell us a bit about the remix on DAMN. How did it come about and what were your intentions with it? 

Ralph (Zuckermann) got in touch and asked me about to remix the "So Not sorry" track for Destroy All Monsters. It's really a looong track, in fact the longest track i've ever remixed. To me it was a kind of challenge to do it because it has, as you can imagine different levels with the synth sound evolving in itself from harder to softer so i decided to do a 4×4 remix towards something more groove and i think i got it. 

You also run your own label, SUB tl. Why is it so important for a producer to have a label these days? And what are your future plans for it? And what is the idea behind the label?
SUB tl it's a label i share at 100% with the also madrilenian producer HD Substance. We know each other from the clubbing scene since decades and we both share the same taste & passion for techno, so we decided 2 years ago or so, to create our own label in where to release our stuff and also other stuff we could find from Spain or other countries. It's important for producers like us to got our own label so we can relax about the "sending demos" subject and concentrate ourselves in the studio. Future plans is to reach the 30th release in 2018 and see how we carry on… 

So tell us about your own last release on the label. Do you enjoy putting out other people's music there as much as your own?
My last release "SUB tl 020" was a transparent vinyl with remixes of the first track i did for the label called "Qssett" which suddenly became a little hit in charts, so we decided to bring no more no less than 2 of the best current spanish producers as they are, Tensal & P.E.A.R.L. They did a great job so we are quite happy with the results. To release others people's music is something that really satisfies me. To find good stuff out there is not easy so we can see our very own label growing on the basis of music we love. 

How do you use hardware with your productions? Or is it a mix of digital and analogue that you use? Does it matter these days?
Well, we all know the saying that says "it's the ear not the gear" so definitely yes!! It doesn't matter if you have an expensive studio or not because is more important the focus & care you put in your work than the tons of synths you got or you can use. Hardware is in fashion again, which makes me happy in spite of doing most of my work with Ableton. Is good to see how the new generations are investing in gear which had not happened for some time since everything was pirated software and not much more. My only piece of hardware is a Mopho synth and i'm planning to get a Microkorg, ha!

How would you describe what you do in the studio? How would you describe your DJ style? Are they both very different? 
Well I've been making techno since 1996 with it's ups & downs, and that's what i do in the studio since then, my dj style sometimes is quite similar of what i do and sometimes it's harder or softer as i have a wide variety of taste and it depends of the gig etc. 

Do you have many big dates coming up that you are really looking forward to? Unfortunately not, i'm trying to find some management but it's hard, you know… i play in September here in Madrid in a "Goa Party" with a big line up of Spanish dj's which makes me very happy. 

What else is keeping you busy right now aside from music? 
More music. I do mastering for other labels & i play guitar & sing in a band called munic! (post-punk, alternative rock) and i got a new project together with my bride called The Red Dots, coldwave, electronics style. Check them out!! Cheers!

Zuckermann's "So Not Sorry" EP (ft. remixes by Leandro Gamez and Negativ Dekadent) is out now on Destroy All Monsters. You can listen to Leandro's remix here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQfg-C3GaZQ


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