S4AW08_-web 700x700Artist: Lecsicu ft. Berinika
Title: Reversed Feelings EP
Label: Smile for a While
Cat. #: S4AW008
Release Date: July 15th 2016
Bass Of Love
Route to 95
Route to 95 (Gari Romalis Rework)

S4AW boss Mr. Fonk found some more uncut diamonds…
Robert Nedelcu aka Lecsicu, from rural Romania, is only in his mid twenties but already a skilful and dedicated producer of oldschool-flavoured House Music with a tek-edge. On top they’ve got vocals by Berinika van Wyk, native South African, currently residing in Frankfurt / Germany.

Robert was inspired by guys like Rick Wade, Mr. G, Kerri Chandler, and of course Moodyman (who wasn’t ?!) and House Music was always his favourite style. His trademark are strong percussions, little harmonies every now and then and a “tracky” atmo to his tunes that sound very Chicago-ish, like a mix between Prescription records and Spencer Kincy in his heydays.

His nickname “Lecsicu” comes from his law studies, destined to make him a judge or a prosecutor some day soon.

All the three original tunes are riding the same wave, that is vintage-style House Music more on the tech edge of the spectrum, but in a original understanding of the phrase “Tech House.” So this clearly is an EP for the dancefloor, for a little rump shaking and for early morning sessions when the sun’s coming up again…

Robert’s last tune, “Route to 95” received a groundbreaking rework by Detroit House Music veteran Gari Romalis. With incredibly deep subbass sequencies he makes this tune a deep jam like you never heard one before.


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