Lee M Kelsall ‘Transition EP’

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leemkelsall_epArtist: Lee M Kelsall
Title: Transition EP
Label: Lucid Dreaming
Remixer: Ali Scott, Clinton Houlker, Brentons, B.U.B.B.A.
Format: Digital

1. Transition (Original Mix)
2. Transition (B.U.B.B.A. Floor Mix)
3. Transition (B.U.B.B.A. Head Mix)
4. Transition (Ali Scott Remix)
5. Transition (Clinter Houlker)
6. Transition (Brentons In Your Space Remix)

Born in the UK but now residing in Australia, Lee M Kelsall belies the gritty urban landscapes he grew up around by spinning and producing a creamy blend of House, Disco and Funk for labels such as Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ Hot Waves and Louie Fresco’s MEXA Records. Here he returns with a new track, ‘Transitions’, backed with plenty of fiery remixes and already gaining early support from Veteran Artists such as DJ T to rising stars in the industry – Alexis Raphael, Amine Edge, Louie Fresco and the Climbers

The original is slow burning house groove with plenty of dazzling disco synths, lazy claps and poolside sunshine vibes. An icy female vocal from Maria Luisa* floats up top as the male delivers a reflective monologue amidst nice warm chords. It’s a feel good house track that really makes you dance.

Lucid Dreaming drafted in a top class of up and coming producers for Remix Duties including Hot Creations B.U.B.B.A who turns in two mixes – one for the head and one for the floor that do exactly as they say on the tin, variously tripping out amongst the stars and getting sweaty on a crowded dancefloor

Ali Scott turns the track into something much more knife-edge and silvery. It’s thumping tech with shooting melodies bringing the colour a la French filtered house.

Clinter Houlker ups the mysterious back street vibes in his rework whilst Brenton’s dubbed out and stoner mix is doused in echo and reverb.


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