Lemakuhlar ‘Lauper EP’

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Artist. Lemakuhlar
Title: Lauper EP
Label: Goldmin Music
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Cat. #:. GMNV003
Release Date: May 25th 2013 (Vinyl) / June 25th 2013 (Digital)
Distribution: Straight Distribution
A1. Sigulha
B1. Night comes soon
B2. Lauper
Digital only: Unusual rubi

Belgian-based guys of Lemakuhlar are back on Goldmin Music with their first vinyl release: Lauper.

More subtle and abstract than anything we’ve put out yet, this 3-tracker record definitely demonstrates full range of their talent with “Sigulha” a more than 12 minutes epic deep minimal track starting with an eternal organic groove leaning towards this absolutely unusual break that you’re not going to forget.

Nevertheless, B SIDE “Night comes soon” & “Lauper” keep the same intriguing and damn rare quirky imperfection, brought in part by tape recordings, studio noise recordings and of course artists’ huge creativity.


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