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Hello Leon, and welcome to Different Grooves
Hi guys. Thanks for having me!

Starting from your fresh own label, D-Floor, please tell to our readers the motto behind it, and how is your cooperation with partners like Pirupa (better to call him a brother maybe :-)) and Nice7

D-floor is a project that was created between me, my brother Pirupa and Nice7
we’ve all been friends forever and we decided to start a label because we wanted to create our own brand and also give new talent the opportunity to emerge, we are 3 different artists, each with their own style, so we thought it was nice to open our own label, so each release can be different and eclectic music.
We’re doing vinyl and digital, we have a designer friend of ours, Anna Liz CauseMePain that deals with the graphics, each release will have its own history, we also want to make videos and create an authentic form of web promotion.
The first release is a good start, even now it is becoming a staple in Ibiza for DJs like Marco Carola, Solomun, Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Carl Cox who are all very supporting. We are very happy!
We have a lot of material ready to go and have friends who want to do things with us, like Gel Abril, Tuccillo, Francisco Allendes, Llario Liburni, Mazu, Luid, Nathan Barato, Egal3 and a few others, watch this space!

Summer is on, Music is On: it’s all about the music say Luca Piccolo and his staff in the Island; how is being currently resident dj and the most talked party in Ibiza in this 2013?

This is my 2nd summer working with Luca Piccolo, in fact this is my second year at Music On
last year I had a number of important dates with Marco Carola in Europe and Ibiza 3 gigs, the opening and the closing, but this year things are even better, everyone believes in me a lot more and I’m very grateful, Marco often takes me with him, and I have an Ibiza residency at Music On with 5 dates including the closing party.
It is a strong and important experience and is making me grow. Obviously, I always try to give my best, I do not want to disappoint anyone.
The whole Music On crew are great and it is now the best party in Ibiza … TRUST ME! Such an amazing crowd and djs…… everything else is boring.

In August you are going to travel a lot, especially with Marco Carola: tel us something about your business relationship and friendship.

It’s true, in August I have many important dates, Marco is a special person, besides being one of the best DJs in the world, we have a good vibe between us, without many pretensions or strategies, I think we get along because we are both very humble and comfortable, we love music and do not want to be the star, we like to have fun, and we just want to make people smile. I feel good when I play with him … I’m grateful for his trust in me, I think that helps me play better with him.

Wich of your full scheduled gigs are you expecting the most?

Loads to mention, but Kazantip, Cocoricò, Muretto and of course Amnesia for Music On will be GREAT!!!

Please, try to describe clubbing situation in Italy, and how you think we can improve this business like is running in the rest of Europe?

I love Italy and I love to play there but a lot of times I’m meeting promoters who compromise their work, which means they are booking an artist just because they are n1 on Beatport or on RA, in Italy the promoters are heavily influenced by the booking agency and the web. It is better to have your own culture, know the territory and the customer and figure out the bast path to take.
In the UK and Spain for example, there is much more culture, the dancefloor is more prepared, even if the Italian people are the best, the hottest and most beautiful on the inside(!) They need to wake up and see there are so many good artists around the world who want to play, do not get so influenced by the web, Facebook, Twitter or Beatport, let the music do the talking!

Leon in the next 6 months: some cool project and ideas that you are woking on in the next future?

I have done a bootleg of an old Peace Division track that is one of the most Ibiza tracks out there at the moment! I have also done a track with Egal 3 and Pirupa that Marco Carola plays every night, it is strong! Also a remix for Kaiserdisco and Saso Recyd coming out soon and at the end of August I’m putting out a special remix for Bekoto
My new single is out right now on D-FLOOR along with Santè and Ultrasone remixs which are going well…
At the moment I’m trying to focus on Music On and D-FLOOR…I think this is my future, my crew and my label :)

Thanks for spending few shots with us, was a pleasure for sure!

Thanks guys… See u soon x

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