Lerio Corrado ‘Mozaic’

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bauns022Artist: Lerio Corrado
Title: Mozaic
Label: Bauns
Cat. #: Bauns 022
Release Date: 01-06-2015

Bauns is going to bring out a special project by Lerio Corrado. Already know for the success of “Mystical Heaven” and “Smoking On The Moonlight”.
This eclectic Artist realized this time a particular Series, made by a total of 16 Tracks available on 5 ep that will be released every 3 weeks. In this special Work we can finally hear about a rising Artist that will make people talk about Him!
“I have been thinking on this idea for a long time. I always like to gamble, to experience, and I’m constantly looking for something new like Sounds in Music. This MOZAIC was born just for fun. I was looking for a definition to this idea and I think I found the right name. As a small mosaic indeed, consisting of 5 pieces, taking shape little at a time, creating a unique collection of 16 songs with intro and special tracks as for an album.

Each track has different inspirations and places of origin, and some of them were not thinked or designed for the dancefloor, but simply came out from a feeling of the moment, such as titles that testify hypothetical different moments during a typical day”
“I don’t love to make consumer Music, related to a short period, as I don’t like to follow the fashion. My hope is to be able to do something that can be considered “evergreen”, and maybe leave my concept to the future generations of producers or simply Music Lovers.”
Mozaic 1.0 is the first release of the collection, which contains three tracks named “First Morning”, “Waking Up”, “Easy Breakfast”, as we can deduce from the titles, it describes the first moments of a typical day of his life.
Another powerful and interesting project from Lerio, one of the most innovative artist of the genre.


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