Lerio Corrado ‘Music Express’

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ant077Artist: Lerio Corrado
Title: Music Express
Label: Analytic Trail
Cat. #: ANT077
Release Date: 21-11-16

After his last Neapolitan Coffee single, the Neapolitan Lerio Corrado will probably look on his debut EP on Markantonio’s label AnalyticTrail as an official entry in the Neapolitan Techno Family.

That is because Music Express features four killer diamonds which vary in sound. Zenit, the first diamond, has a killing kick and dreamy deep synths that creeps along at a deceptively relaxed pace.

Rotation feels simple, but there are plenty of clever repeated elements and effects that help keep the track engrossing. A groovy and playful bassline plus some nifty drum work give Poseidone its ‘God’s’ potency.

JFK complete the workout with its vigorous beats and its gutsy synth riff that hipnotize and smash the dance. AnalyticTrail has another massive package in its trusty release schedule.


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