Lewis Fautzi ”Binary”

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Binary (inc Oscar Mulero Remix)Artist: Lewis Fautzi
Title: Binary
Label: Soma Records
Remixer: Oscar Mulero
Release Date: 17 February, 2014
Format: Digital
Cat #: SOMA392D
01. Lewis Fautzi – Binary (Oscar Mulero Remix)
02. Lewis Fautzi – Binary (Original Mix)

As we build toward the release of Lewis‚ debut album on Soma, we drop a hard-hitting first single in Binary. Stripped and heavy Lewis really shows us what his productions are made of. We also welcome Spanish Techno legend Oscar Mulero as he delivers a rasping remix of Binary. This release is not for the fain of heart.

Oscar Mulero‚s remix opens the EP. Oscar hardens up the track even more and takes the main synth elements giving them more space and really working them. He strips the track back more but without losing any of the pure grit that this track is made of. Hypnotic rhythms bounce of each other culminating in one almighty drop. Oscar has really layered this perfectly and given this is own unique take.

The original of Binary pops up on the flip with deep, thudding drums and a killer synth hook that pings through as shattering hi hats disturb the peace and help to build the track slowly. Lewis creates great rhythm through the use of the percussive elements of the synth stabs, opening filters and bending LFOs to build the tension.

We await Lewis‚ debut, The Gare Album, with bated breath∑


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