Alex Vanni ‘Something In The Water’

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Artist: Alex Vanni4rr021
Title: Something In The Water
Label: 4Room Records
Cat. #: 4RR021
Release Date: 2012-02-29

Alex Vanni is deeply inspired by the Chicago/Detroit electronic music of the late 80’s, and you can find this source of inspiration in his new release “Something in the water”, that straddles the line between techno, funk and deep house. The EP contains the “Original Mix” featuring a powerful 80’s Jupiter analog synth that brings out a nostalgic Detroit sound, the rich bouncy groove of 808’s percussions points back to late eighties US Chicago house, and the bass perfectly flows on the chords. . The song starts lazy only to let you discover every single layer added with care by the skilled hands of Alex. The track is a crescendo of sounds and effects, each one starting at the right time. In the “Dub Mix” the house bassline and the techy groove are the “leitmotiv” on which different sounds come and go leaving space for arpeggios and single shots of percussion full of reverb. Alex likes to define this work “Allegro ma non troppo” (Italian classic music of the XVIII century).


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