Artists: Roger Martinez & Secret Cinema
Title: Menthol Raga EP
Label: Lost & Found
Cat. #: LF007
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 13th 2013
1. Interstellar
2. Menthol Raga

Roger Martinez firmly believes that “music can affect people on a deeper, universal, emotional level and thus can unite people”, so the fittingly glorious uplifting techno vibes of “Interstellar”, his new production with Secret Cinema for Guy J’s Lost & Found label, shows he is definitely a producer whose actions speak even louder than words. “Interstellar” is an absolutely huge statement of intent from two of Holland’s finest techno artists. Along with the totally different but no less enthralling, crunching exotic dub techno vibes of “Menthol Raga”, this is yet another exceptional and innovative musical package from Lost & Found.

The most skilled artists always have the ability to sense the anticipation and feelings of their audience. They go along and ride the musical palette like a surfer rides the waves of the ocean. It is precisely this skill that wins Roger Martinez so much respect from his peers. He strives to go beyond genres and formats. He approaches (dance) music from an emotional perspective (and emotions can be hard to label), an approach that has seen his quick rise to the forefront of the dance scene, catching the attention of Secret Cinema on the way.

For the past 20 years, Jeroen Verheij (aka Secret Cinema) has consistently been regarded as one of Holland’s, if not the world’s top techno producers and live acts. During this time he has produced some of the biggest techno anthems and headlined many of the biggest festivals around the globe. Jeroen lives and breathes electronic music, so it is no surprise that his studio collaboration with Roger Martinez has resulted in such a strong meeting of minds and produced some truly exceptional music for Lost & Found.


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