Guy J “Seven / Milestone”

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Artist: Guy J
Title: Seven / Milestone
Label: Lost & Found
Cat. #: LF009
Format: Digital
Release Date: 16th September 2013
1. Seven
2. Milestone

The mix compilation of the summer for many people has undoubtedly been Guy J’s debut “Balance” (EQ) album. It seems incredible to think that Guy was never previously commissioned for such a project before! By taking the essence of some of his best-loved tracks from other producers and re-creating them to construct a truly original listening experience, he took things to another level entirely.

Now, with the glowing reviews and plaudits echoing around the world, it is time for the master creator to return to his own Lost & Found label and release two highly anticipated, exceptional, original productions.

Guy J’s work is always touched with a magic and emotion that few rival and “Seven” is yet another example of why his productions are so special. This sensual, subtle, euphoric, hypnotic beauty flows seemingly effortlessly into an ever blossoming, journey with a deeply emotive core beyond compare.

“Milestone” exhibits a deeper, more percussive backbone as it weaves its slow-build seductive spell before revealing a delicious, throbbing, euphoric dark side to Guy J’s creative talents. This is a trip that gradually turns up the pressure until emotion is literally pouring out of the speakers.

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