Artist: MoodWarp, Quintin Christian & Vandermeer
Title: Illusion
Label: Lucidflow
Remixers: Hatikvah, David Alvarado
Cat. #: LF039
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 10th 2013
1. Illusion (Original Mix)
2. Illusion (Hatikvah Remix)
3. Illusion (David Alvarado Remix)

What better way to wish you a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Condolences On Your Mayan Apocalypse than to fire out a release that is more than smooth enough to soften the jagged edges of a hungover mind. (I should know, I’m writing this with one.)

Fresh from a release for the Lower East imprint, one that has been getting some positive critical traction, Quintin Christan and Vandermeer—an artist that has frequented the likes of My Favorite Robot in the past—team up with South African deep house man Moodwarp for this delicious little lucid package.

While I am hesitant to trot out the old “sounds like the calm break of waves up a beach shore” trope, Illusion really does have that aquatic blue and easy going atmosphere of calm and sunkissed vibes – something that a lot of us will be pining for in January. It is easily reminiscent of the output from classic deep house imprint Guidance Recordings, thoughtful and meaningful.

Heading up the remix party, Hatikvah, Florian Schirmacher and Lucidflow’s own Helmut Ebritsch, get even more horizontal, dubbing the elements into a sparser arrangement that has the audacity to have extended and trippy drops throughout the duration of the track.

Last, and no means least, is the rather legendary David Alvarado’s interpretation. Easily the most direct of the trio of tracks, the urgent low end tribal nature provides a solid backdrop for the fluid elements of the original to drift over. It’s less about sitting on the beach watching the waves lap up, more about being pulled through the expansive turquoise at speed by your fingertips.

So yes, Happy New Year you guys, we hope we are all still alive when this release hits, because 2013 is going to bring some fantastic Lucidflow times, with this only the start.

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