Artists: Underset & PRT Stacho
Title: Express Clock
Label: Lucidflow
Remixers: Helmut Ebritsch, Klartraum
Cat. #: LF043
Format: Digital
Release Date: June 6th 2013
1. Express Clock
2. Express Clock (Helmut Ebritsch Rmx)
3. Express Clock (Klartraum Club Rmx)
4. Express Clock (Klartraum Cinematic Rmx)

Some things in life are better enjoyed in pairs, just ask anyone who has attempted a solo game of tennis or a younger brother as to why they have a crusty sock stuffed down the side of the bed. Lucidflow embrace the power of two by welcoming in the pairing of Underset and PRT Stacho, with pedigree that spans labels such as Hope Recordings, King Street Sounds and Nite Grooves.

Express Clock is a track that draws inspiration from sunflecked deep house and aquatic progressive house, a warm groove that is easy to slip into and lose yourself to. It brings to mind memories of classic deep output from the golden years of tech house, unsullied by genre snobbery.

Stepping in to provide an alternate take and initially cutting a solo figure, Lucidflow co-owner Helmut Ebritsch edges the tempo up ever so slightly, the watery synths tweaked to provide a clockwork rhythm that lets the track simmer over scalpel sharp beats.

Providing the other piece of the Klartraum puzzle, fellow Lucidflow owner Nadja Lind joins Helmut at the controls. Once again with pairs being the theme, the duo create a ying and yang set of remixes. The Club Remix is dark and twisted, slapping you in the face with a huge, wet slap bass. Flipping the mood closer to the original, the Cinematic Remix keeps the breathy pads of the original, providing solace in long, deep balearic breakdowns – the perfect way to close off an emotive and widescreen package.


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