Artists: Riccicomoto & Helly Larson
Title: Supernova Sessions
Label: Lucidflow
Remixers: Klartraum
Cat. #: LF044
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 7th 2013
1. Magnetic Swift (Love You Edit)
2. Magnetic Swift (Klartraum Dream Version)
3. Doppler Effect
4. Solaris
5. Voyager

The golden ball is in the sky, Lucidflow have hit a vein of golden from and we are rolling out the gold cover art for the Supernova Sessions EP… you can just tell we are just a bit glad that a summer fever is in the air!

An old pairing of Lucidflow favourites in the shape of Helly Larson and Riccicomoto are back for another outing. Lucidflow’s familiar dub-tech template is in full effect across the EP, but this is more about languid summer grooves than the clenched grasp of autumnal gloom.

Magnetic Swift [Love You Edit] manages to simultaneously weave together contradictory elements of effortless keys with driving bass, flecked with specks of vocal gasps. A shade darker, Doppler Effect is similarly driving, the dub atmosphere sharply twanging with frozen strains of saxophone caught in the distance.

The analogue hiss and crackle in Voyager provides a brief threat to our golden groove, the merest element of guitar and swell of strings adding to the instruments on show across the EP, before Solaris takes the tempo down to ease you into a slow burning wiggler of a dub.

Label owners Klartraum step in with a typically widescreen remaining of Magnetic Swift, leading in sludgy dub chords and radar blips before dropping into a fat and warm break, tying off a package of consistent quality and ever-deep beats.


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