Liar ‘Undance’

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Artist: Liar6600_undance
Title: Undance
Format: Digital
Label: Farver
Cat. #: FAVR004
Release Date
: 26th March 2012

1. Divorce [6:28]
2. Divorce (Flourish ‘Fracture Satellite’ Remix) [8:12]
3. Liar [6:04]
4. Liar (Morris Cowan Remix) [5:31]
5. Liar (Hello Invaders Remix) [4:49]
6. Origami Bound [6:04]
7. Origami Bound (Dual Shaman’s ‘Black Swoon’ Mix) [5:52]

“Undance” is Liar’s exploration in the realm of emotional melodic techno. The selected originals are a prime example of his subtle trademark sound applied without a concern for genre borders. From a mystical point of view, as Liar puts it himself, the EP is antagonistic in its nature, “Divorce” being inspired by and paying a tribute to love, “Liar” blossoming from his quest for truth and “Origami Bound” acting as a statement of boundless freedom.

Coming to aid on remixing duty, Flourish (aka Jesse Somfay) and Morris Cowan deliver seemingly related reworks, both of them taking the originals from musically uncharted territories to hopefully charted status within the electronic music community. In Farver’s tradition, the material rounds off in a highly eclectic manner at 7 tracks through Hello Invaders’ dark yet playful ‘tape massacre’ remix and Dual Shaman’s ethereal dubby affair.

With more than two dozen tracks scheduled for various releases throughout 2012, “Undance” might not be a proper teaser of what you can expect to hear from Liar, but then again nothing will ever be for such a prolific, genre-crossing artist.


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