Lissat & Voltaxx ‘Cuckoo EP’

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GSR168_resizedArtist: Lissat & Voltaxx
Title: Cuckoo EP
Label: Great Stuff
Cat. #: GSR168
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 12th 2012

1. Cockoo Song
2. That Aint No Banana
3. Sunken Bells Of Ibiza (White Chocolate Rework)

The fearsome twosome Lissat & Voltaxx are back for yet another release on Great Stuff, building on the success of previous biggies like their reworking of Miss Shiva’s Dreams and last year’s The Sunken Bells Of Ibiza.

That Ain’t No Banana throbs and wiggles from the offset, layers of driving percussion and muted stabs permeating the murky depths of the groove as a tribal groove gradually builds. Gentle organ chords begin to reveal themselves, before a saucy vocal cuts through the breakdown to add an element of quirk to the proceedings. Shuffling rhythms and warm tones prevail.

Cuckoo Song ups the tech factor, injecting a tinge of tribal into the proceedings by way of a chopped-up rhythmic vocal snippet. It’s a high-energy affair, with big drums, throbbing bass and clever FX trickery and strictly groove-led approach that land it somewhere in Carl Cox / Danny Tenaglia DJ box territory.

And to top this rousing package off, The Sunken Bells Of Ibiza gets a rework. A White Chocolate Rework to be process. Its low-slung, funk-ridden bassline and incessant looping hark back to late-’90s techno, but the modern flourishes make it clear that we’re dealing with cutting-edge tech business. A demure, succinct alternative to a truly massive track.


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