Lo Grounds “Fatalism”

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Artist: Lo GroundsLo Grounds - Fatalism COVER ARTWORK
Title: Fatalism
Label: 3RD & Debut
Formats: CD, digital
Release Date: February 16th 2015
1. Fatalism

“Fatalism” is an ensemble of many pieces – sometimes also not linked in terms of styles and sounds – that considered as whole create a musical journey, 20 minutes of maximum freedom and expressivity. As stated by Andy Fosberry (a.k.a. Lo Grounds) “As musicians, we often create sketches that might become paintings. We may be compelled to gather a collection of these paintings together as an exhibition, give it a name and call it an album. However, with Fatalism, I wanted to make a tapestry.” Modern classical, electronica, downtempo… the stylistic combinations featured and the sound arrangements are singular, suggesting thoughtful moods and relaxing sensations.
The soundtrack can be streamed for its entirely duration from the following link (below there’s Soundcloud player)

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