“If you go down in the woods today,
You’re sure of a big surprise…”

Somewhere up amongst the leafy hills of sunny Barcelona
Birds are singing and geckos are dancing
An open-air disco…
The Lola ED vs Half Baked electric picnic.

Back for the third edition we offer you the underground’s choice. No fuss, just quality music and deep woodland day-vibes! Joining the fold this year are New Yorker Fred P and straight outta Detroit Michigan, Delano Smith. A fellow Frenchie comes in the form of the POINT G’s captivating live show, plus a first chance outside of Paris to catch the brand new live set of Monsieur Georget (AKA Chris Carrier), analogue gears and custom built modular drum machine in tow!
In between the standard debauchery grab a bite to eat at the picnic beaches, dress up with Spangled, or lounge out by one of the chill out trees.

RA event & tickets here

Lola ED vs Half Baked 14.06.2014

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