Lowkey & Kardinal ”Pentadrone”

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Artist: Lowkey & Kardinal
Title: Pentadrone
Label: Drowne Records
Release Date: April 2015
Format: Digital
Cat #: DRW026
01. Lowkey & Kardinal – Pentadrone (Original Mix)
02. Lowkey & Kardinal – Pentadrone (Steel Grooves Remix)
03. Lowkey & Kardinal – Pentadrone (Dig-It Remix)

Lowkey and Kardinal are french-based artists who have left their marks on lots of big labels around the world and together they appear as one of the most remarkable duos on the latest techno-scene! They show up with their new track ‘Pentadrone‘ which gets reworked by the mexican-based artist, sound-designer and co-founder of Vector Functions Records – Dig-it, and the amercian techno-disciple and founder of Capital Techno Recordings Steel Grooves!

Pentadrone‘ takes off with a massive wavelike bassline, and starts to burst forward from the beginning! A remarkable rave-synth which the track circles around slowly surfaces, while propelling percussive grooves evolve quickly and ring in the action. The main-theme blossoms up and gains support by an additional synth before submerging again. A clap reinforces the kick and bright rides add tension, while the theme rises further and gets one in the right mood for a massive break! Well placed snares bang around and delayed dark vocal-fragments boost the energy before ‘Pentadrone‘ drops again and starts to submerge gently in the dark.

Steel Grooves rework starts with driving percussions and snappy hihats which get backed-up by open hats and a backing-synth quite soon. The tracks undertone gains support by the rave-tool known from the original which floats front and back. Various of long reverbed effects clink around and get reinforced by snarefires and tom-structures at the right moment, while reverbed female vocal-fragments come to light!

Dig-it restructures ‘Pentadrone‘ and boils it down with some sub-action and fresh groove-accentuations! Top-percussions stab forward stoical, and an adorable hi-hat structure reinforces the pumpin’ character. An electrifying backing-pad swells up and a dark one-note synth supports the tracks roots, before the well known rave-synth appears on the scene! Weird effects add an organic quality while dimmed rimshots and bright rides put some energy into the place, before Dig-it’s rework of ‘Pentadrone‘ opens up in the break and drifts dropward to ring in the action again!

In conclusion this release comes along as a set of three forward-orientated peaktime tracks and offers a great package of underground techno music!


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