Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho – 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi guys, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. Briefly, what can you say about your musical background and your first approaches to electronic music?
Luca Lozano: I’ve been involved in making music since an early age, I played guitar and drums when I was younger and have always been obsessed with beats. My first experience with electronic music came from making music with an Atari, an Akai sampler and an early version of Protools…me and a friend used to make Jungle, using a lot of old hip hop scratch battle records. I also remember using Music 2000 on the playstation (around 1997), it was amazing to me that you could actually sample from other audio CDs whilst you made music on the thing.
Mr. Ho: My early musical background comes from the tapes that my mum and dad had in the car, which included Michael Jackson Thriller, some album from John Lennon, the best of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Yellow Magic Orchestra and some Cantopop (pop music from Hong Kong) singers. I learned how to play piano as a child and remember that I always liked playing the hook of “Firecracker” from YMO, so I guess that was my first approaches to electronic music. Then I probably got into Technotronic or Inner city around the same time I got into rap.

2. When did you start to produce your own songs and which are your main sources of inspiration?
Luca Lozano: As I mentioned above, I have been making music for a long time…whether it was ‘serious’ or not…its in my system to make music and always will be. In terms of inspiration, these things always change, but at the moment I’m very much enjoying going back to the early UK Techno sound of 90-94, early Warp stuff, bleep techno etc. Growing up in Sheffield in the early 90s, this sound embedded itself into my subconscious and I’m really enjoying going back to it and discovering many gems. 
Mr. Ho: As Mr. Ho, I started making music in 2010, previous to that, I had been making music under the name Dj Beware since 2007. I find inspiration in almost anything that is made or done with passion, skill and a thoughtful intention- it could be music, art, sport, or even a well made cup of coffee. But talking musically, right now, I’m listening to Afro futurist stuff like Sun-Ra, Drexciya and Parliament as well as synthpop stuff like YMO, Kraftwerk and New Order. And Cocteau Twins.

3. How do you feel about getting released on Disc Over Music (the Tim Green’s label) and what’s the story behind the release in question “Dobb Meep/Different Circles“ ?
Luca Lozano: We’ve been friends with Tim and his team of people for a while now, Tim was always very supportive of the early Klasse Recordings output and we are regularly in touch…we had a couple of demos lying around and luckily things worked out as they did. I cant say there is really a story behind the release, just the output of us being in the studio and having fun making music together.
Mr. Ho: I feel great! Tim and all the other people working at Disc Over are very cool and nice people. I’m very thankful that they took a liking to Luca’s and my music, and they are doing a great job in getting people to hear it. As for the story, I’m afraid there isn’t much of one except that I remember it coming together very quickly and that we were both pleasantly surprised with the “sweetness” of the tune (compared to what Luca and I do on our solo music).

4. What do you expect to get with your music in the future?
Luca Lozano:
I don’t expect for anything…music making is an ongoing journey and for me its about getting better at what you do every time you head into the studio, material things come and go…music is here forever.
Mr. Ho: I am working on being more confident about releasing my music and letting people here it. The music doesn’t live until people hear it, and I want my music to live. So to answer your question, I expect more people to hear my music :)

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
Luca Lozano:
I have a new EP coming out with Optimo which I’m very very happy about, I’m starting work on a new tape cassette label that centers around Graffiti writers that make music and I’ll be busy curating ZODIAC 44…our vinyl only label, the next release features Daniel Andreasson with a nasty but nice remix from John Heckle. Aside from that, Klasse is involved in some upcoming events here in Berlin and also in Barcelona for Sonar-time. I’ll be keeping busy for sure.
Mr. Ho: Right now I have about 8 tracks ready. A couple of them I will reserve for Klasse. Others I am sending out to a few other labels as demos. The rest I will reserve for a sub label of Klasse, “Klasse UDMD”, that I’m starting hopefully before June this year. Oh and of course gigs and label nights, as Luca mentioned.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

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