sonofdistantearth “Parachute EP”

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Artist: sonofdistantearth12_LABEL_GZ.qxd
Title: Parachute EP
Label: Lobster Theremin
Cat. #: LT009
Format: Vinyl 12″
Release Date: November 12th 2014
A2. Idyll
B1. Koan

sonofdistantearth’s debus is basically a three track 12 inch vinyl focussed on US oriented techno music, lean and delicious drum machine sounds filled with intriguing percussion rhythms and accurate synths.
The audio quality is high and the sound disposition in the frequencies spectrum is precise and clean, “Idyll” appears the rawest song but if you’ll pay attention you’ll notice that its overdrives and boosts have been accurately controlled in the producing session. Another great release by Lobster Theremin.

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