Various “Jacques Renault Edits”

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Another big compilation from Local Talk: Jacques Renault is the man who takes care of this one, editing interesting productions with a particular appeal and interesting sonorities.
In the overall the tribal and oldschool house influences are really appreciable, and of course the calm and not mainstream sound.

Local Talk – July 15th 2016

01. Henry Rodrick – Into The Sunshine
02. Black Fan – Black Fan With A Van
03. HNNY – Hotline Riddim
04. Adesse Versions – Wash My Car
05. Jesse Futerman – Jesse Is A Gambler
06. DJ Duke Presents Freedom – Seven 50 Stalkers Closer
07. Outboxx – Denim Shorts Dream
08. Son Of Sound – Violent Violet
09. Mateo & Matos – MAW G Stomp
10. Fulbert – Full Time House
11. Crackazat – Somewhere Elsewhere
12. Will Berridge – I’m The Jacques


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