Luca Donzelli Interview

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– When did you first fall in love with electronic music? Who influenced you back then?
It came about when I was a child; new age and pure electronic sounds rang out in my studio.  But like everyone else, I suppose, I grew up from rock, hard rock, and listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden and many others, to then arrive to the real first discovery of electronic music. Everything started with me through Carl Cox. Then slowly, I started to search for those tracks, more or less between 2005-2006. I then learned how to make a mix between a track and another, and other techniques and I started to mix the tracks of the sets in the same order. So, if I have to say thanks to someone it’s Carl Cox, because involuntarily, he raised me as his own musical son!

– Did you grow up around music then? Are your family musical people?
Unfortunately my family weren’t musicians at all. But I grew up listening to many kinds of music, especially, things like new age music from the 80’s and 90’s. For example, Enigma and Depeche Mode! So i grew up with very good electronic sounds and emotions!

– How would you best describe the music you make?
Probably is the most obvious thing to say, but I think that my music is for every emotion. I say this because I search for a lot of music, because I wanna be original with my sets every time. Now the music business is full of loops which are already prepared, and so you can do a track with 4 or 5 channels: a kick, a bassline, one or two top loops, fx, and a vocal. Finish. This is what I don’t want to do in studio. When I’m there, I search, I try, I play instruments, and sometimes I sing.

– Music aside, what else takes up a lot of your time?
I try to invest all my time in music but i live with my grandma. She is 82, so sometimes she needs my help, but i’m very happy to do it. One other thing I have to do is organize my party in town, with my co-workers, called Morositas. So I invest all my remaining time in parties.

– Your new EP is just out on WOW Records. Have you and Martin been friends for some time?
We’ve known each other for almost two years. This winter we started a collaboration in the studio. We have a lot of crazy material for this summer, and it’s a great working relationship, so hopefully it continues for some time yet.

– Why is WOW a good place for your music? Does it share an ethos similar to your own?
Wow! Recordings is, for me, one of the best places for my musi in the world, because I can totally express myself, my emotions, my ideas, my feelings on music. This is the most amazing thing, because you are working while you are expressing all the things you have in your head and in your heart. What more could I ask for?

– And the EP itself, was it produced with hardware or software? Do you have one way of working in the studio?
I use Ableton Live to produce, and since spedning money has never been my strength, I always arrange with Live, some plug ins and an external drum machine: my beloved Korg ESX. But now I’m slowly building my new studio. Very soon I’ll have a new sound card, to be implemented with external machines, but most of all external effects.

– Do your moods influence how you produce music? The release is quite eclectic isn’t it?
As I say, I base my emotions on tracks. So of course I feel different every time when I produce. The mood of the day, the weather, the problems that run in my head, or the good feelings from the night before, influenced me a lot. It’s very important for me to put emotions and feelings on my tracks, because music comes from your deep soul. You can call a track “music” when it tells you something. So it’s important to communicate something to people with what I produce in the studio.

– What have you learned about producing music over the years?
I’ve learned that it’s important to follow your emotions, but you have also to work on them. Work hard, to render the track, the “perfect track” in every seconds. So it’s important to concentrate on the channels, on the sounds, without any other things that can distract you. Also – don’t have an Internet connection in the studio. I took it off shortly after i moved into the studio and it’s proved brilliant.

– And how do your sets differ? Are they just as unpredictable?
Exactly! My purpose is to be very unpredictable with the people who are dancing. I always try to create curiosity in people who are listening to me. This is why, I think that the key is create the desire to listen the track after the last one, that you liked, and then the one after that! I always try to be original, and never predictable.

– Do you have a residency in Italy then? Or do you get to DJ often?
Yes of course! I work at my own party, Morositas. We have a residency in a little underground club, in Siena, and often i play in other clubs around Italy too.

– Who’s influencing your music a lot right now?
Right now there are many artists and genres that influence me. Moving from downtempo to dub techno. From the new generation of minimal to Detroit techno. From the classic tech house to to the old distorted deep house. I feel really dirty tracks at the moment, and for me, one of the biggest artist of this period is Nikola Gala! Every track that he’s released, I buy. I love his sound, because it’s the perfect “meeting point” of all the classical things from the modern tech house and the classical things of the old techno, with so many original ideas! Big Nikola…really super music!

– What one piece of advice would you pass on to budding DJs and producers out there?
The only big advice that i would like to share with all of you, is to have patience, to concentrate on your work, to find your OWN sound.  You have to be the only one that can make that kind of sounds. Work, work, work and still work. The devotion to YOUR sounds, to YOUR feelings, to YOUR passion, must be the only thing that matters in your life…


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