Luca Lento ‘Poema EP’

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cr037Artists: Luca Lento
Title: Poema EP
Remixer: Mendo
Label: Clarisse Records
Format: Digital
Cat. #: CR037
Release Date: Februar 24th, 2014
Distribution: Beatport
1. Poema (Mendo Remix)
2. Poema

Palermo producer Luca Lento has a glut of group associations to his name since releasing ‘Brothers and Sisters’ as part of Club Bass, ‘My Nights’ with Contact-Two, Slow Melody’s ‘Take Me Higher’ and Z-Side’s ‘Get Dis Feeling’, all back in 1996. Suffice to say the man has experience; plus anyone who can make the alias of Pooper Scooper work has got to be onto something. With releases on Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy imprint and also having turned his remix hand to UK garage pop crossover ‘Do You Really Like It’ by Pied Piper, Lento has had love shown by a wealth of select spinners, including Prok & Fitch, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo and Kid Massive.

Lathered in percussion of the once you pop-you can’t stop variety, deep tribalism is defined by a froth worked into bass rotating with a muddy determination underneath. From there, ‘Poema’ is shaped by Lento’s installation of a crackly vocal made to babble like he’s twiddled the dial into the World Service while picking up a house transmission on the same wavelength. Its raspy signals fractured and sent ricocheting in and out of the mix play off the resolution of the groove, where a degree of coming off-the-wall, from the programming of the dialect chattering with irregular sexiness, to the coil doorstopper-like rebounds that surround it, never find Lento losing his balance.

Mendo handles the remix by telling the original to pin its shoulders back, the Clarisse headmaster turning the dancefloor into a treadmill with a slight incline and making sure there’s a strong armed pull to go with it. Shar-

per drums, percussion (leaking taps? Radar blips?) flicked down black holes until you can hear them being gulped down, and vocals sounding ever more pitched between bedraggled language tape and the cause of arena voodoo… you can hear deep techno condensation preparing its descent down the walls of whatever stuffy downstairs spot or domed expanse ‘Poema’ is ready for.

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