Luigi Madonna ‘Follow Your Body’

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unrilis013Artist: Luigi Madonna
Title: Follow Your Body
Remixer: Petter B
Label: Unrilis
Release date vinyl: Beginning of april 2014
Release date digital: End of april 2014
Cat. #: UNRILIS013
A1) Follow Your Body
B1) Follow Your Body (Petter B remix)
B2) Halakne

Emerging on the scene in 2008, Luigi Madonna has established himself as a young, extremely gifted Italian DJ. He pays tribute to old school European techno artists in a fresh way, blending in a fusion of experimental sounds and beats. His work not only would appeal to any DJ or club-goer, but easily could attract the attention of major video game labels for an unforgettable experience.

Starting with a quick pulsing beat of a rattling hi-hat and timpani combo, “Follow Your Body” is an intense and fun track that commands full attention from the listener. The synthetic elements build up into a comprehensive and subtle melody that easily could be sampled or used as a base for remixes (such as the case with Petter B–the Gothenburg-based DJ and producer). The circular style is broken up by these added components of variety that provide a different and unique experience to the listener. Any dancer in a club would be delighted if this track were spun.
“Halakane” is one of those breakout numbers that most DJs dream of. Starting with a low bass and drum track run through a remixer, the piece soon draws in influence from dark trance and takes it a step further. It plays with experimental sounds and rhythms. The synthesized notes and rattling gives an exotic feel to the piece. Around two minutes in, a higher melody accompanies the already hypnotic drum track. This continues to re-emerge in waves, building up with the addition of cymbals and scratching. It’s ending is subtle enough to serve as a great anthem for the last song of the night as the listener is drawn out of their world.
Having caught the attention of Swedish DJ and producer Petter B, the “Follow Your Body Petter B Remix” is presented in a brilliant, original way that blends his deep techno origins from his band Hertz with contemporary dark trance and a hint of house. The throbbing beat utilizes the sophisticated layers that Luigi Madonna created, most notably his spectacular hi-hat and timpani combo, while adding sounds that almost sound like a string instrument being plucked. The depth of the remix gives the listener the impression of the music being 3-Dimensional, surrounding their body, making this track a strong candidate to be played at clubs and concerts.


Follow Your Body Trailer from loose club on Vimeo.


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