Luis Flores ‘New Flesh’

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Artist: Luis Floresdrioid014
Title: New Flesh
Remixers: Brian Sanhaji & Drumcell
Format: 12″ & digital
Cat. #: DROID014
Release Date: April 16th, 2012
Distribution: Beatport, Complete USA
A1. New Flesh
A2. New Flesh (Drumcell Remix)
B1. New Flesh (Brian Sanhaji Remix)
B2. Excision
D1. New Flesh (Luis Flores Alternate Mix)
D2. New Flesh (Brian Sanhaji Alternate Mix)
D3. Excision (Luis Flores Tool)

Luis Flores’ upcoming New Flesh EP is the Mexican producer’s second release for the American powerhouse techno imprint: Droid Recordings.The title track, built around the “new flesh” vocal sample from cult horror movie: Videodrome, is a dark, trance inducing affair, constructed around the soundscapes the modulated voice renders and the subsonic groove that identifies Flores’ productions.

Drumcell pushes the track into deeper, darker territory, showcasing his mastery of modular synthesis, and delivers a hypnotic experience which seamlessly carries the listener from beginning to end in the most organic fashion. CLR mastering resident, Brian Sanhaji, dramatically transforms the piece into a screeching industrial monster, armed with relentless drum work which takes full advantage Sahhaji’s sound expertise, resulting in a wall of sound that demands the listener’s full attention. Flores’ B title: Excision, completes this release with an adrenaline-fused take on the Droid sound. Driven by a rolling bassline, the track propels the audience through a tense, paranoid journey, riddled with metallic vocoded voices and synths and a wasp-like sounding shaker that keeps anyone listening, ever on alert. Delivered on limited edition white 12″ with hand silk screened jackets, this marks a benchmark on Droids physical releases, going beyond the inherent functional aspect of the object and into the fetishistic lust vinyl promises. All is rounded up with the inclusion of French artist and photographer Nihil Sth work, through his piece “Human”, as the focal image upon which the artwork and the release’s extras are constructed upon. The digital version of the EP includes two alternate versions of New Flesh by Flores and Sanhaji, respectively, and a dj tool of Excision


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