Artist:  Lutzenkirchen
Title: Darkmere / Loderunner
Label: Craft Music
Cat. #: CRAFT060
Format: Digital
Release Date: January 7th 2013

1. Darkmere (Original Mix)
2. Loderunner (Original Mix)

Lutzi’s back, and he’s got a sting in his tail. Two tracks of resolute techno make up his new EP, with one side for deeper floors and one side for tougher situations.

Darkmere is a masterclass in snappy, high-impact yet relatively demure techno that bears all the hallmarks of a producer who’s been doing their thing very successfully for years. Simplicity and space are the key themes. A rotund off-beat bassline pumps subtly under a neck-snapping percussive groove (we all love a double hi-hat, right?) and heavily-reverbed blasts of rasping, metallic synths. Gnarly FX and hard-edged percussive hits add a level of detail, along with what sounds like a sample of a telephone dial tone for good measure. It’s got that big room techno sound, yet without being overblown or crass.

Loderunnner takes things considerably darker and tougher. From the outset, old skool bass womps pulse in an early Mauro Picotto style, only exacerbated by ticking metallic percussion and spacey FX. Layer upon layer slowly builds in Lutzenkirchen’s warped techno tapestry, panning cymbal rides, atonal clicky arpeggios and resonanting bleeps all meshing to create a formidable sound. This one’s for the warehouses.


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