Jimmy Edgar “Mercurio”

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Artist: Jimmy Edgar
Title: Mercurio
Label: Ultramajic
Cat. #: LVX003
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: November 18th 2013
A1 Ultraviolet
A2 Qlinda
B1 Mercurio

Continuing a busy 2013 after Ultramajic’s inaugural release “Hot Inside” as well as debuts from the elusive Aden and Creepy Autograph, Jimmy Edgar returns to his own occult-inspired Ultramajic imprint with the Mercurio EP, three tracks of throbbing sampladelia as undeniably robotic as they are irresistibly funky.

Ultramajic has lofty aims, uniting Edgar’s twin passions for ritual magick and meditation while focusing on developing new artists and a new personal sound. Having just wrapped up a summer of touring his collaborative JETS project with label partner Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum, Mercurio suggests a restless energy honed by enthusiastic crowd response to the martial beats. The title track “Mercurio” is a flurry of competing crescendos and fractured vocal samples over a bulbous bassline. “Qlinda” is equally celebratory, utilizing microtonal shifts in the stereo field and exuberant sampling before morphing into a half-time ooze. “Ultraviolet” highlights Edgar’s special skill with modular synthesis to craft an electro-tinged jack, machines on the edge of collapse.

With artwork by longtime collaborator Pilar Zeta, Jimmy Edgar continues to play with new age philosophies and esoteric inspirations in the deluxe, hand-crafted packaging for the label’s releases.


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