M.in ‘Mixer’

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LUM015Artist: M.in
Title: Mixer
Remixer: Rich Wakley & Juliet Fox
Label: Lauter Unfug Music
Cat. #: Lauter Unfug 015
Release date: October 7th 2016
Format: digital
Mixer (Rich Wakley Remix)
Mixer (Juliet Fox Remix)

M.in drops his first release on Lauter Unfug Music. LUM015 is a solid mixture between drain tech house and gloomy deep house. The original mix is entitled “Mixer”. Its particular bass line grooves throughout the entire track, making it an essential for peak time as well as warm-up spots.

Rich Wakley for his part re-modulates the track into something a bit darker whilst still keeping the classic atmosphere of the original.

Juliet Fox takes a different approach and drives the vibe towards modern tech-house with a punchy bassline a wide spectrum and spaced out effects …

The “Mixer” EP is a three-track release that undermines Lauter Unfugs musical path which will find its way onto the dance floors around the globe.


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