M. Weber ‘Belsebub’

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Artist: M. Weber
Title: Belsebub
Label: Bigger Deer
Remixers: N.d , Robert Feedmann
Cat. #: BDR036
Format: Digital
Release Date: January 14th 2013
1. Belsebub (Original Mix)
2. Heimatabend (Original Mix)
3. Lueginsland (Original Mix)
4. Belsebub (N.d Remix)
5. Belsebub (Robert Feedmann Remix)

German based, M. Weber, has caught our ears lately with some great output coming in the form of pure dancefloor weapons.

This 3 track EP, ‘Belsebub’, shows his straight up sound, where high energy chord stabs lead the way… Dub techno, on the harder tip.

N.d (Malta), makes a more striped back take on ‘Belsebub’. Removing a lot of the pads and keeping it raw. Showing a glint of the stabs, but creating a completely different feeling.

After recent release ‘Tongoliki’ EP with Bigger Deer Recordings on 12″, Robert Feedmann is back, but this time providing a ‘Tool Mix’. Feedmann flaunts his percussive edge once again.


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